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Green and gold Chinese dance headpiece.

Brain: So you know how you’re supposed to write what you know? Me: Yeah. Brain: Well I’ve got this thing for you. Me (slightly frightened): A… thing? Brain (dreamily): Yeah.  It’s like a huge bright diamond… nah.  Diamonds are boring. It’s a huge bright sapphire. Me (curiosity piqued): Sapphires are good.  I like sapphires. Brain: Only it […]

Artsy black and white photo of a bee on some flowers.

Brain: Hey!  Check out all those nice words you wrote. Me (vaguely disgruntled): Yes.  They are lovely.  But seriously, there’s no plot, there’s no way to wrap this up, and every time I look at it, I think of things to add. Brain (proudly): Yeah.  I know. Me (exasperated): It’s nearly six thousand words of […]

The Green Man surrounded by fall leaves.

Brain: Hey, let’s do this prompt. Me: Really? I’m not sure what to do with this. Brain: No worries. I’ve got some ideas. Here, see? Me: Huh. Yeah. That could be interesting. Brain: And you know, since you’re on vacation and you finished your speed writing, how about we skip the timer. Me (not sensing […]

Me: Arrrgh.  I’m paralyzed by nausea. Brain: This does suck. Me (later in the day): As if the nausea isn’t bad enough, now my whole body aches (seriously, my toe joints hurt).  Brain:  Yep.  I feel your pain, quite literally. Me: This is so miserable. Brain: It is, but you know, there are two positives […]