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Brain: Ahem. Me: Yeah?  Oh hi.  Do you need something? Brain: Me?  Naah.  I’m good.  But I think you need something. Me (suspicious): Really?  I’m full up on things, just now, so no need to trouble yourself. Brain: It’s no trouble.  Honest. Me: Uuuuh.  I wouldn’t want to seem greedy. Brain (radiating hearts and rainbows): […]

Photo of woman picking raspberries.

Brain: Pssst! Me: Hubba wuh? Brain (eagerly): Check out this killer opening line– Me: Stop that!  I’m already up to my eyeballs in the not-so-short story you tricked me into “briefly” setting aside the novel for. Brain (baffled): So? Me: And I’m currently stuck in the middle of an overgrown patch of raspberries, getting savaged […]