Plays with words, runs with scissors

The seventh chapter of Something Familiar is now available on Curious Fictions (along with chapters one through six) for those who need a try before you buy option. If you read any of the teasers and want to find out more, Something Familiar is available in a variety of formats and from many retailers. You […]

I hit 5000 words on It Sounds Familiar, the sequel to Something Familiar this morning.  I’m roughly a tenth of the way through this draft! This won’t be a big word-count day, as I have to prepare a nice ghost story for tonight’s writers’ group meeting.  But tomorrow is a writing day, and I got […]

Linzer sandwich cookies with heart cut-outs and red jam.

The rumbling of my stomach woke me.  I rubbed it, hoping it would stop, then rolled over to glance at the clock.  Fuck.  Two am?  Seriously?  I burrowed back under my blankets, but it was no use.  There was no going back to sleep without a snack.   As I padded to the kitchen I […]

The Green Man surrounded by fall leaves.

Brain: Hey, let’s do this prompt. Me: Really? I’m not sure what to do with this. Brain: No worries. I’ve got some ideas. Here, see? Me: Huh. Yeah. That could be interesting. Brain: And you know, since you’re on vacation and you finished your speed writing, how about we skip the timer. Me (not sensing […]