The Creepy Side of Writer Brain

Me: Arrrgh.  I’m paralyzed by nausea.

Brain: This does suck.

Me (later in the day): As if the nausea isn’t bad enough, now my whole body aches (seriously, my toe joints hurt). 

Brain:  Yep.  I feel your pain, quite literally.

Me: This is so miserable.

Brain: It is, but you know, there are two positives that come out of this.

Me: You can find positives in this?  What the hell?

Brain: You meditated a lot today.  And you have recent direct experience to inflict upon your characters.

Me: You’re kinda evil, you know that?

Brain: Can’t talk.  Plotting.  I’ll get back to you with some characters and a story arc post-haste.  Try to get some sleep.  I’m going to need you at peak condition.

Me: Yeah, cause that’s gonna happen. 

Check out all the Writer Brain shenanigans in reverse chronological order here.

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