Green and gold Chinese dance headpiece.

Gifts From Writer Brain

Brain: So you know how you’re supposed to write what you know?

Me: Yeah.

Brain: Well I’ve got this thing for you.

Me (slightly frightened): A… thing?

Brain (dreamily): Yeah.  It’s like a huge bright diamond… nah.  Diamonds are boring. It’s a huge bright sapphire.

Me (curiosity piqued): Sapphires are good.  I like sapphires.

Brain: Only it hasn’t been cut and polished yet.  So it’s like… a rough sapphire, raw and full of potential  that isn’t obvious on the surface.

Me (uneasy): So what you’re saying is that it needs some work?

Brain: Oh yeah. Like a ton of work.  But in the end it’s going to be so worth it.  I mean, it’s going to push you out of your comfort zone and really make you stretch those writing skills.

Me: * gulps * But it’s going to be worth it?

Brain (enthusiastic):  Yeah.  You know those spinny jumping kicks you had to work on for two years before you got any good, tomato kicks?  

Me: Tornado kicks.

Brain: Yeah.  It’s like that.

Me: So is it a rough uncut sapphire or a tornado kick?  I think you lost me in the morass of metaphor.  

Brain (stern): I don’t like your sass.

Me (choking back giggles):  Sorry.

Brain: Ideas are not like your silly concrete physical things.  They are capable of being more than one thing at the same time.

Me (mock serious): You are so right.  I forgot that for a few minutes, and I’m so glad you reminded me.

Me: So about this… amazing thing?

Brain: Here.  Check it out.

Me (stunned): Uhhhh…

Brain (proudly): I know.  It’s awesome isn’t it?  

Me: A dance-based magic system?

Brain: Yes! Dance-based magic!

Me: Specifically using Chinese folk and traditional dance.

Brain (excessively satisfied):  Yep.  I’m just going to leave that here with you to mull over.  I bet you’ll have characters developed and a plot laid out in no time.

Me: Errrr

Brain: And since I know you’re pretty busy right now, I’ll just bump over to you every so often to keep it at the fore.

You can enjoy the entire Writer Brain adventure in chronological order here, or tap the #writer brain tag to read it in reverse chronological order. 

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