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Me: Arrrgh.  I’m paralyzed by nausea. Brain: This does suck. Me (later in the day): As if the nausea isn’t bad enough, now my whole body aches (seriously, my toe joints hurt).  Brain:  Yep.  I feel your pain, quite literally. Me: This is so miserable. Brain: It is, but you know, there are two positives […]

Brain: So, these speed writing challenges are pretty fun, eh? Me: Yeah. I’m having a blast with them. Brain: I’d noticed.  Are you liking the plot depth and details I’m providing? Me: Definitely. They’re turning out developed and with a nice arc in a short time frame. I couldn’t ask for better. I mean, we […]

Brain: So you know that idea I just gave you? Me: Which one? Brain: This one, here, see? Me: Oh. Yeah.  You’re not going to take it back are you?  I’ve started thinking about it and have some pretty good plans for developing it. Brain: No need to worry.  I was just thinking… Me (very quietly): […]

Brain: Soooooooo. Me: Oh, hello.  What’ve you got for me today? Brain: You know.  The usual. Me (uncertainly): Errrrrr.  Best… story… ever? Brain: And you think you can’t be taught.  Here.  Let me just lay this all out for you here… Me (puzzled and concerned): This seems vaguely familiar. Brain: I want you to pay […]

It’s good to reflect on the changes in the past thirty or forty years simply because it is our heritage as writers. How can we know where we’re going, if we don’t know where we’ve been or how far we’ve come? And it’s good to remind ourselves, when we’ve got a virus or our hard drive has crashed, that there was a time when we didn’t have it so easy.

Brain: Ahem. Me: Yeah?  Oh hi.  Do you need something? Brain: Me?  Naah.  I’m good.  But I think you need something. Me (suspicious): Really?  I’m full up on things, just now, so no need to trouble yourself. Brain: It’s no trouble.  Honest. Me: Uuuuh.  I wouldn’t want to seem greedy. Brain (radiating hearts and rainbows): […]

Everyone needs a little change of pace now and again, and it’s doubly true for an artist. While many of us may find some measure of inspiration in our daily lives, there is little more energizing than a change of setting.

Photo of woman picking raspberries.

Brain: Pssst! Me: Hubba wuh? Brain (eagerly): Check out this killer opening line– Me: Stop that!  I’m already up to my eyeballs in the not-so-short story you tricked me into “briefly” setting aside the novel for. Brain (baffled): So? Me: And I’m currently stuck in the middle of an overgrown patch of raspberries, getting savaged […]