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Green and gold Chinese dance headpiece.

Brain: So you know how you’re supposed to write what you know? Me: Yeah. Brain: Well I’ve got this thing for you. Me (slightly frightened): A… thing? Brain (dreamily): Yeah.  It’s like a huge bright diamond… nah.  Diamonds are boring. It’s a huge bright sapphire. Me (curiosity piqued): Sapphires are good.  I like sapphires. Brain: Only it […]

Artsy black and white photo of a bee on some flowers.

Brain: Hey!  Check out all those nice words you wrote. Me (vaguely disgruntled): Yes.  They are lovely.  But seriously, there’s no plot, there’s no way to wrap this up, and every time I look at it, I think of things to add. Brain (proudly): Yeah.  I know. Me (exasperated): It’s nearly six thousand words of […]

The Green Man surrounded by fall leaves.

Brain: Hey, let’s do this prompt. Me: Really? I’m not sure what to do with this. Brain: No worries. I’ve got some ideas. Here, see? Me: Huh. Yeah. That could be interesting. Brain: And you know, since you’re on vacation and you finished your speed writing, how about we skip the timer. Me (not sensing […]

Wide photo of a heavily wooded lake in northern Wisconsin.

I spent the last few days without internet or phone service, with nothing to do but play in the water with my family, read (on the bench swing or while sitting on a chair plopped in two feet of water), write, and think.

Me: Arrrgh.  I’m paralyzed by nausea. Brain: This does suck. Me (later in the day): As if the nausea isn’t bad enough, now my whole body aches (seriously, my toe joints hurt).  Brain:  Yep.  I feel your pain, quite literally. Me: This is so miserable. Brain: It is, but you know, there are two positives […]

Brain: So, these speed writing challenges are pretty fun, eh? Me: Yeah. I’m having a blast with them. Brain: I’d noticed.  Are you liking the plot depth and details I’m providing? Me: Definitely. They’re turning out developed and with a nice arc in a short time frame. I couldn’t ask for better. I mean, we […]

Brain: So you know that idea I just gave you? Me: Which one? Brain: This one, here, see? Me: Oh. Yeah.  You’re not going to take it back are you?  I’ve started thinking about it and have some pretty good plans for developing it. Brain: No need to worry.  I was just thinking… Me (very quietly): […]