Green and gold Chinese dance headpiece.

Take Your Writer Brain to Work Day

Me (sitting in an extremely boring meeting): Why am I even required to attend this?  I’m in my last ten days at this job, I clearly no longer care, and I have a ton of things I’d like to get wrapped up before I go.

Brain: Since you’re tuning out, why don’t we do some plotting.

Me: Eh.  I should probably pretend to pay attention.  I’m trying to go out as a professional.

Brain: Given what passes for professional behavior around here, you could fall asleep in the meeting and spend the afternoon looking at porn and still hit that bar.

Me: You’re not wrong.  What do you have for me.

Brain: Since you’re about to be unemployed, I took the liberty of developing a writing blog series for you to debut in September.  It will give you something to do, keep you out of that disgusting emotional pit you just crawled out of, and further your writing.

MeThis is why we pay you the big bucks.

Brain (shares brilliant idea)

Me (impressed): That’s actually completely awesome.  This could be really useful, and fun.

Brain (surprised): You still remember what fun is?  I thought you lost that in like February.

Me: I’m pretending. Fake it ‘til I make it, yaknow?

* Later that evening *

Me (sheepish): Uhm. You remember that awesome idea you had during that meeting?  Could you go, uh, over it once more?

Brain: No.  You know I don’t store ideas.  I blurt them out as soon as I come up with them.  I forget them as soon as you acknowledge them.  It’s totally your job to record them.  

Me: So… you have no idea?

Brain (indignant): Of course I don’t!  You had a pen and notebook right there, what were you thinking not writing it down.  Sheesh.

Me: Dammit

Brain: Seriously.  I don’t know why I bother with you sometimes.  But since you obviously feel guilty, and while I know it’s no where near as cool, here’s an idea for a Chinese dance superhero.  I call her 小星 and she has three primary weapons; a dance ribbon, a set of red fans… maybe pink, and a red handkerchief.

This was written in August 2016, and while I haven’t gotten far with the Chinese dance superhero idea, I’m still planning on using it eventually.

You can enjoy the entire Writer Brain adventure in chronological order here, or tap the #writer brain tag to read it in reverse chronological order. 

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