More Writer Brain

Brain: Soooooooo.

Me: Oh, hello.  What’ve you got for me today?

Brain: You know.  The usual.

Me (uncertainly): Errrrrr.  Best… story… ever?

Brain: And you think you can’t be taught.  Here.  Let me just lay this all out for you here…

Me (puzzled and concerned): This seems vaguely familiar.

Brain: I want you to pay particular attention to these character details.

Me: Uhhhhh.  Wait.  I see where this came from.

Brain: Pretty neat, eh?

Me: You came up with this entire thing based on like 15 words of banter on Tumblr with someone I follow.

Brain (proudly): Yep.

Me: No, no, no!  I can’t write this.  It’ll be obvious where it came from and I’ll look like a weird stalker or something.

Brain: Pffft.  You’re a writer.  Anyone you encounter, in either the physical or digital world has the potential to spark a story.  It’s what we do.

Me: I kinda feel like I should wear a warning label or something.  Not everyone I meet signed up for this.

Brain: Public domain, baby.

Me: I’m not worried about the legality.  I’m worried about the awkward social consequences.

Brain (soothingly): Don’t worry.  It’s not like they’ll read it.  It’s not like they’re a mutual or anything.  And nobody ever recognizes themselves in fiction.

Me: Ergh.

Brain: Now the world’s a bit underdeveloped, but I figured you could do that, since I already got you a character, descriptions, and a plot. 

Me: But… how can you do this off 15 words?  I mean, seriously.

Brain: Hey, if you think this is cool, you should see what I can do with a visual.  Or a smell.

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