The Continued Adventures of Writer Brain

Brain: Ahem.

Me: Yeah?  Oh hi.  Do you need something?

Brain: Me?  Naah.  I’m good.  But I think you need something.

Me (suspicious): Really?  I’m full up on things, just now, so no need to trouble yourself.

Brain: It’s no trouble.  Honest.

Me: Uuuuh.  I wouldn’t want to seem greedy.

Brain (radiating hearts and rainbows): It’s a gift!

Me: My birthday’s not for two months.

Brain: What, can’t I give you a gift just because I love you?

Me (stumped and terrified): Ergh.  Sure.  I guess?

Brain: Check out THIS!

Me: <Blink.  Blink.>

Brain: Isn’t it totally awesome?  It’s the best thing EVER, and it’s so perfect for you!

Me: WTF.  This isn’t even my genre.

Brain: Sure it is.  See the opportunity for angst?  That’s totally you.

Me (indignant): I don’t write angst!  

Brain: <Raised eyebrow>

Me: Okay.  So, some of my stories get a bit more… dark and tragic than I intend.  But angst isn’t even a genre.  And, look at this thing.  It’s a freaking beast.  It’s at least a novel.  Maybe two.

Brain (proudly): Yeah.  I know.

Me (resigned): Fine.  I’m just going to summarize this idea here, in my ideas folder –

Brain: Isn’t that the folder where ideas go to die?

Me: Uuuuh.  No.  No.  This is where totally awesome ideas go, when I need a little time to truly appreciate them and do them justice.

Brain: It looks like the folder where ideas go to die.

Me: I promise, it’s not.

Brain: If you say so.  You should probably back it up to the network… and your flash drive.  You know.  Just to be safe.

Check out all the Writer Brain shenanigans in reverse chronological order here.

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