Asynchronous Activities

One of the distinguishing features of Cabin Weekend, especially the last 15 years or so, is that there’s no pressure for everyone to do the same activity at the same time. This means we each get to experience the weekend in the way that works best for us and in a way that fits our individual moods, and the weather, over the course of the weekend.

Use these traditional (and slightly modified) Cabin Weekend activities to tailor your virtual weekend as it works for you.

Please share your photos and videos with us via whatever platform you’re comfortable with. And if you’re okay with us sharing links with other attendees, let us know.

Any Time

Quiet Reading
This is a long-time Cabin Weekend tradition. Any time you need a quiet moment, you’re welcome to settle in somewhere comfortable (inside or outside) and enjoy a book. Some years folks would read folders of Shari’s short stories or share their own books.

Take a Walk/Bike Ride
While not as popular as quiet reading time, individual and group walks have been a part of Cabin Weekend from the start.

Rob introduced cycles in 2000, when he brought his tandem Big Ugly to Cabin Weekend #7.

Welcome to Cabin Weekend!
If you missed our scheduled Welcome to Cabin Weekend broadcast at 4:30 pm central time Friday, you can watch it here.

Group Picture
Group photos have been taken at 21 of our Cabin Weekend events. While these originally happened on the Sunday before everyone went home, we moved these to Saturday to capture the event at its highest attendance.

Please take a photo of your group sometime during the weekend and share it with us so we can continue this tradition with a collage that includes all of our “attendees” this year.

Watch the Cabin Weekend Slideshow
The slideshow covering 26 years of Cabin Weekends will run during dinner Saturday. A link will be posted here if you missed it or want to watch it at your own pace.

SeaDoo Safety Video
It’s not as fun or as campy as the original, but if you’re feeling a need, you can check out the current SeaDoo safety video.

Play a Game
Pull out the cards or a favorite board game and play a bit with those you are sharing your virtual Cabin Weekend with.

If you’re on your own and/or if you want to play with other Cabin Weekend attendees, hop on Tabletop Simulator or Board Game Arena and join in a game with folks there.


Pink sunrise over the lake

Morning Cartoons
For the last several years, morning cartoons have been popular for those early-rising kids and adults.

You can watch along with us (check the synchronous version of this event) or watch what you want on your own.

Shari has been starting her morning off with meditation for years. Though she’s always the first one up at stupid o’clock, and no one has felt compelled to join in, you could give it a try this weekend.

Headspace – guided meditation (basic meditations are free)

Minnesota Zen Center – has a variety of live streamed meditations

Moments of Peace – pick one of Shari’s short videos of a peaceful moment in our yard and let yourself be in that moment


Engage in Water Play
Find a safe way to engage with water. It could be a sparsely used beach, a sprinkler, heck, even a bucket of water to dip your toes in counts.

Non-Water Activity
Let’s try some other activity that doesn’t involve water. In the past we’ve done frisbee, croquet, and bocce ball.

Snack Sharing
This is the virtual snack sharing table. Share your favorite snack and try out someone else’s favorites.

Engage in Local Tourism
In the really old days, we played the part of tourists, visiting the Ojibwe village of Waswagoning and shopping in Minoqua. Pick something and have some fun!

In a way that’s safe, buy some fudge, visit a historic site, or learn about the previous inhabitants of the land where you live.

Oops! Grocery Run
Did you forget a favorite snack, a key ingredient for s’mores, or something for your tin dinner? No worries! It’s tradition to make a run to the grocery store.

Fun fact, in the early days, we did our Cabin Weekend shopping as a group on our way to the Fox cabin.

Oops! Liquor Store Trip
Oh no! You’re out of whiskey or your favorite summer adult beverage? It’s okay! Once Cabin Weekend moved to the Mann cabin, trips to town got easier, and a drive to the liquor store became a popular afternoon or early evening outing.


Kids in a canoe near sunset.

Take a look at the Best Night Sky Events of August 2020 or EarthSky Tonight, to get some ideas of what you might look for in your sky tonight.

While those of us in the Twin Cities won’t get a chance to see the International Space Station this weekend, not all attendees are in the Twin Cities this year. Check out Spot the Station to find out if and when you’ll have a chance at spotting the ISS overhead.

Child in a swimsuit and lifejacket looking through a telescope.

Sleep in a Tent
If you have the space and the supplies, why not toss up a tent in your yard to use as your base of cabin weekend operations? If nothing else, it’s a great place to sleep and get away from the others in your house if they’re making you crazy!

If you don’t have a tent, or a place to put one up, feel free to put up a blanket fort for the extra cushy camping experience.

Have a Bonfire
Do you have a fire ring, fire bowl, or chiminea? Feel free to light it up and enjoy a little fireside time.

Don’t have a place for a proper fire, but need those soothing flames? Light up a candle and call it good.

What’s your favorite Cabin Weekend tradition?

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