Science and Space Resources

Here are some great resources for some of the science-based quandaries and set ups that occur when writing fiction.  Medicine will have it’s own section.  Construction of worlds will be included with world building (because I love puns).

All manner of scientific news for us regular folks, includes all things earth (penguins, melting permafrost, wildfires) as well as what we can see in the sky (lunar cycles, key locations to stargaze, asteroids), and our solar system. Updates daily and has a large archive of past articles. 

NASA – Astronomy Picture of the Day
A different photo every day with an explanation written by a professional astronomer. Includes a lovely archive. Great for inspiration.

NASA Exoplanet Exploration 
NASA’s interactives include an interstellar trip planner, ways to find a planet, and an extreme planet makeover.

NASA Science Fiction Terminology
A glossary of items found in science fiction as space or futuristic technology that are plausible.

Project Rho 
3D star maps of the known galaxy.

Science in Science Fiction:Making it Work
Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA) article written by Joan Slonczewski.  It covers finding your science, explaining it in the story, and how science can advance your plot..

Actual star maps and tools to create your own.

Tornado Project
US Tornado statistics and data.

TV Tropes – Space Travel Tropes
Tips on how to create realistic science fiction while avoiding the unrealistic tropes.  

Universe Sandbox 2 
An MIT project allowing you to create planetary and galactic simulations.  Want to see what happens when a star goes nova?  What if the moon collided with the earth? 

Volcano World
Volcano statistics, data, and news for regular folks.

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