Kids in lawn chairs watching a movie projected on the door of a garage.

How to participate in Virtual Cabin Weekend using Zoom rooms

How we’re using Zoom this weekend

There will be a new Zoom session each day, with breakout rooms.

One of us will be guaranteed to be facilitating the Zoom space at the scheduled times noted on the Synchronous Activities page. We may be there at other times as well, or we’ll be out hitting some of those asynchronous activities.

The main Zoom meeting will be considered the Family Room, that big main room at the cabin.

Other rooms will be named according to Cabin Weekend spaces and may have suggested discussion topics. Use these spaces to meet up with other attendees to play games or visit. 

  • Small Living Room
  • Family Room Table (board gaming talk)
  • The Deck
  • The Swing (books and media discussion)
  • The Campfire Circle
  • The Pontoon Boat (sharing summer activity stories)
  • The Kitchen (for talk about food, including Cabin Weekend food)
  • The Garage (video game talk)

How to move around virtual rooms in Zoom

For best results, use a computer instead of a mobile device (such as phone or tablet), as this will make it possible for you to “roam” through the virtual cabin’s rooms without host assistance.  These rooms will allow for smaller group conversations that are just hard to manage on Zoom.

You must be a co-host to move yourself from room to room, and you must be using a computer to be a co-host. If you are on a mobile device you will have to ask the host (not co-hosts) to move you into a room.  You should be able to rejoin the main meeting at any time on your own.

Feel free to roam from room to room

Do this by clicking on the Breakout Room icon at the bottom of the screen.

Select the room you wish to enter, then click Join

If you wish to go back to the Living Room (the main meeting) you just click the link to leave the room you are in. 

Of note – there is a slight delay as you change rooms, and you may have to return to the last room you were in before going to the next one you want to go to. It’s a little quirky.

Need to be moved to a new room?

If you are unable to move to the room you want to, and we aren’t in the main room, just shoot us a text (651-399-5666 or 651-399-5667) to help out, and we’ll get to you as soon as we can.