It Sounds Familiar – Finally

I’m finally back to fixing the end bits of It Sounds Familiar for a March release.

It turns out that while I can meet my ambitious goals for writing and producing, it’s unfair to dump a new novel on my writers group and expect them to get through it in a month (unless it’s a beta read).  Lessons learned!

More details to come as I get this wrapped up.

It Sounds Familiar book cover
Cover of A Familiar Story – Book II: It Sounds Familiar.

No Joke, I’m Doing a Reading April 1

I’ll be reading at Dream Haven Books & Comics from 6:30-7:45 pm, on April 1, 2020.The current plan is that I will read from It Sounds Familiar, which should be available by then.

This event is free and open to the public. And if my story isn’t working for you, you can always browse the collection of science fiction, fantasy, and comics to add to your own collection.

Parking is available in the lot and on the street.

Book Promotion on a Budget – Upcoming Class

If you’re a small press or indie writer, or are working in this direction, it’s important to know how to promote your work. This is one of the parts of small press and indie writing that can be extra frustrating and difficult to learn on your own. 

The amazing and entertaining Catherine Lundoff will be holding an online class on book promotion on a budget through Cat Rambo Academy in January. Scholarships are available, and both writers of color and QUILTBAG writers are encouraged to apply.

For more about Catherine Lundoff, check out her website, Queen of Swords Press, or follow her on Twitter.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with Cat Rambo Academy. I do, however, know Catherine as a friend, and consider her one of my writing mentors.

Something Familiar – Teaser 7

The seventh chapter of Something Familiar is now available here (along with chapters one through six) for those who need a try before you buy option.

Cover of the novella Something Familiar.

If you read any of the teasers and want to find out more, Something Familiar is available in a variety of formats and from many retailers. You can also check with your favorite bookseller or online store, as it is available outside the US as well.

For those who’ve already bought it, thank you for your support.