Kids sitting on the back of the pontoon.

Cabin Weekend Bingo

We’re going to play some bingo with Cabin Weekend experiences instead of numbers. We’ll start with a few rounds specifically related to this year’s virtual event, then do a few related to past Cabin Weekends (if you’ve attended).

How to Play

Print out two bingo grids* (or make a 5 x 5 grid on a piece of paper).

Look at the list of options below and add activities you’ve experienced to your grid. Each experience may only be listed once per grid.

Make one for your all time experiences and one specifically for this weekend.

*Note – the bingo grids are accessible, fillable PDFs, so you can type directly into them before printing them.

All Time Options

At Cabin Weekend, have you ever…

  1. Been in the group picture
  2. Been stung
  3. Borrowed someone’s sunscreen
  4. Canoed
  5. Caught a fish
  6. Drank a brandy slush
  7. Drank a “root beer float”
  8. Drove the Sea Doo
  9. Enjoy the bonfire
  10. Flipped the canoe
  11. Flipped the Sea Doo
  12. Flipped the Sunfish
  13. Forgot something at the cabin
  14. Forgot to hang up your swimsuit
  15. Forgot to write your name on your tin dinner
  16. Gone water skiing
  17. Gone tubing
  18. Gotten lost on the way
  19. Gotten rained on
  20. Jumped off a boat into the lake
  21. Made a new friend
  22. Made a s’more
  23. Made breakfast
  24. Meal cleanup crew
  25. Meal prep crew
  26. Missed breakfast
  27. Participate in the Sunday deep clean
  28. Peddle boated
  29. Played a board game
  30. Played a card game
  31. Played video games in the garage
  32. Played volleyball
  33. Pontoon ride
  34. Read a book
  35. Ridden a bike
  36. Saw a snake
  37. Saw a toad
  38. Saw an eagle
  39. Saw something cool in the night sky
  40. Sea Doo ride
  41. Sea Doo safety video
  42. Sleep in a tent
  43. Stargazed
  44. Swam across the lake
  45. Taken a nap
  46. Taken a walk
  47. Taken home recyclables
  48. Taken home trash
  49. Taken pictures or video
  50. Tried something new
  51. Used someone else’s towel
  52. Vacuumed the cabin
  53. Waited in line for the bathroom
  54. Was 3rd in line (or farther) for the bathroom
  55. Watched morning cartoons
  56. Watched the Sea Doo safety video
  57. Watched the sunset
  58. Went in the lake
  59. Went grocery shopping
  60. Went on a liquor run
  61. Went sailing on your own
  62. Went sailing with Rob

Virtual Weekend

At this year’s Cabin Weekend, did you…

  1. Clean something
  2. Drink a traditional Cabin Weekend drink
  3. Forget to write your name on your tin dinner
  4. Get kicked out of Zoom
  5. Get rained on
  6. Go on a boat ride
  7. Go on a grocery run
  8. Go on a liquor run
  9. Go to the wrong breakout room
  10. Go somewhere as a tourist
  11. Have a substitute bonfire
  12. Have trouble getting into Zoom
  13. Lose a game
  14. Make a traditional Cabin Weekend food
  15. Meal cleanup crew
  16. Meal prep crew
  17. Meditate
  18. Play a board game
  19. Play a card game
  20. Play in the water
  21. Play video games in the garage
  22. Read a book
  23. Ride a bike
  24. See something cool in the night sky
  25. See wildlife
  26. Spend time in a tent
  27. Stargaze
  28. Take a group picture
  29. Take a walk
  30. Take pictures or video
  31. Take a nap
  32. Try something new
  33. Try talking while muted
  34. Visit the virtual cabin in CabinCraft
  35. Watch morning cartoons
  36. Watch the Sea Doo safety video
  37. Watch the Cabin Weekend slideshow
  38. Watch the sunset (real or virtual)
  39. Win a game