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Three story school, classic American construction.

The St. Paul Academy for the Mythically Gifted was only five blocks from his aunt and uncle’s house. It wasn’t a private school like his old one, but there were more similarities than differences. His new classmates came from the full range of human subspecies, though the vampire population was a lot smaller in Minnesota.

Three story school, classic American construction.

Adric notched his key into the lock, surprised when the light force pushed the door inward. He stared at the widening gap in confusion. It wasn’t like his parents to leave without latching the front door. He stepped over the threshold, his step faltering when the scent of blood hit him. Normally it would be […]

Moon behind clouds at night.

Short story (2700 words) – Jabberwocky is not just a poem, it’s a monster. And basements are not all they seem to be.

Light pink peony after a rainfall.

Short story (780 words), contemporary dark fantasy – Birth does not always call attention to itself. It is not necessarily a thing of beauty. There is not always screaming, although sometimes that simply comes later.